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About d3vscan

d3vscan is a network manager which is able to uniquely identify and graphically plot network & Bluetooth devices to provide a higher degree of understanding of a particular network.d3vscan is also simple enough to be used by an average end user for free.

d3vscan Team

    Devtar Singh
  • Role: Project Manager
  • Blog: d3vt4r.blogspot.com
  • Contact: devtar<-at->gmail.com

  • Zaid Aiman
  • Role: Developer
  • Contribution: Neural Network Nmap scanning optimization(non Win) plugin & Web Design
  • Blog: zaidaiman.meroketkebintang.com
  • Contact: zaidaiman<-at->gmail.com

  • Hazwan Azhar
  • Role: Developer
  • Contribution: Neural Network Nmap scanning optimization(Win) plugin
  • Contact: xxmiyavi<-at->gmail.com

  • Ondrej Bosik
  • Role: Developer
  • Contribution: d3vscan Installation
  • Contact: ondrej.bosik<-at->gmail.com

  • Shawn Lee
  • Role: Application Tester
  • Contribution: Application testing
  • Contact: dashawn888<-at->users.sourceforge.net

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