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Mailing lists

d3vscan has two active mailing lists for:

Users: Intended for feature requests, usability discussion and user support.
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Developers: Intended for development discussions arround d3vscan.
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Bug Tracker

If you found a bug on our software, use our Bug Tracker to report it! We'll be pleased to fix it.

bug Report a Bug!

Before submitting a bug, please make sure that the bug has not been reported by other user to avoid duplicates.

We are also in need of developers for this project and this website which would be able to aid us in our goals. Do drop me an email at devtar<-at->gmail.com if your interested to help us out.

SVN access

To access the SVN release of d3vscan:

$ svn co https://d3vscan.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/d3vscan/trunk/src d3vscan

To access the SVN release of d3vscan plugins:

$ svn co https://d3vscan.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/d3vscan/branch d3vscan/plugins

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